Vladimír Rábik
Stredoveké listiny v Literárnom archíve Spolku Sv. Vojtecha (1181) 1214 – 1543 [ Medieval Deeds in the Literary Archives of the St. Adalbert Association (1181) 1214 – 1543 ]

Martin, SGHS 2008, format A5, 360 pp, bounded
Published in Slovak with all the main texts in English and searching indexes
ISBN 978-80-968717-9-7
Price: 10,00€, members 9,00€ (+ postage)

The book publishes 143 texts of 67 medieval deeds maintained in the archives of the St. Adalbert Association in Trnava (SK), coming from the archives of several Hungarian noble families (the Mednyánszkys, influential Drághffys from Transylvania and the almost unknown family from the small village Vlky near Senec, South Slovakia). The publication offers hundreds of authentic, for public till now covered information about many families, towns and villages of Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, the Ukraine and other territories of Central and South-East Europe.